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STAY THE COURSE: Don't Look Left, Don't Look Right



As we are heading into the final weeks of the current 8 week challenge, the inner competitor may be poking his head to look for ways to give you that extra mile, the winning edge. We are here to remind you that the system works (But we don't need to remind you of this because you've seen the evidence in yourself and in others posting in the group) and there is no need to look left or look right, just stay the course. Ride it out. Give it the time to work. This isn't really just an 8 week challenge... it's the start of the rest of your life, YOUR BEST LIFE! It can be at this point you look for different strategies to give you that edge. Most "diets" work and it may work now BUT we highly encourage you to ignore that itch and stay on the path because even though this is an 8 week challenge - what would it all be for if you just made changes for 8 weeks and resorted back to old ways after the challenge? Is that really the message you want to show your kids? Be good for 8 weeks and then who cares after that, until the next challenge? Don't you want to inspire yourself, inspire your children and others to be healthy, fit and strong FOR LIFE? not just a season, not just a challenge? Right now, imagine how different life would be if you had your dream body... Imagine how PROUD you would be.... Imagine how SEXY you'd feel... Imagine how POWERFUL you'd feel? isn't that worth so much more than starving yourself? Starving yourself works for a short term, but 100% is not sustainable  So when the shiny object catches your eye, remember the results are happening, what you're currently doing is sustainable and somewhat enjoyable (am i right?) and there really is no need to look left or right, just stay the course. PREPARE FOR LIFE AFTER THE CHALLENGE Next week we will chat about what the following 4 week block looks like after the challenge and also the way to carry on after that... We have some announcements that i think will make you very happy and excited for life after the challenge.


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