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The Fit Body Fit Mind 8 Week Transformation + Fitness/Strength Challenge!!!

What you need to know:

There are only 100 spots available and we are challenging you to take your transformation to the next level and be rewarded! We’ll provide you with all of the tools needed to reach your goals and have some fun along the way while doing it. The hardest part to anything is always just to start. The fact that you are here reading this information says that you are wanting more from yourself. And that’s very exciting.


We have two divisions in this challenge. We have our ‘Online Transformations’ (think weightloss but without the weightloss being a factor in the judging. That’s right we hate scales and we would love nothing more than for you to chuck those bad boys in the bin. We will have more on this when you join up to do the challenge.) We also have our all new’ Strength and Fitness’ division (think like a CrossFit style competition but without all the exercises that injures you)


This challenge is a solo challenge for YOU to complete. But!! You won't be doing it alone! We will have accountability buddies for you and a team of supportive LEGENDS on the same journey as you, experiencing the same stuff!!!! Our team of trainers will be there with you every step of the way too! An endless supply of support, wisdom and providing you the tools and strategies to get MASSIVE SUCCESS and ultimately WIN $1000!!!!


It’s super exciting to think of where you could be in 8 weeks time!! Maybe it’s wearing that new item of clothing, going on that special trip looking your best, hitting a new personal best for a run you have coming up. What ever it is, it is defiantly exciting for you.


The challenge that is usually faced when people embark on a challenge, is they go in super aggressive and create an unhealthy habit otherwise known as yoyo dieting. Where they starve themselves for a set number of weeks and never enjoy the process. What if I could tell you that you could achieve the goal that you have set out to achieve and still ENJOY the process while not starving yourself?


Crazy right!!! But it is totally possible. The challenge is that people don’t know how to do it. They only know what has helped them to lose weight in the past. If you are one of these people, I have a quick question for you: How’s that working out for you? You see, a super aggressive approach is never sustainable or enjoyable so therefore it is not effective. As you have learnt nothing from the experience nor have you created long lasting habits to maintain the results. No one wants to suffer for 8 weeks to then go and put back on ALL the weight (and usually more) right after the challenge ends.


So this challenge is way more than just a challenge, it is about setting you up to get you your DREAM BODY for a LIFETIME while getting healthier, fitter and stronger and learning along the way; habits and strategies to continue these long after the challenge finishes. We want you to have long lasting change.

Come and join us on our 8 Week challenge!!!! And let’s have some fun doing it!!!

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(Other than awesome results like Jess!)

Everyone will receive The Success Plan, Access to 8 weeks of both home and gym training programs, Live & On-Demand 30 Minute Workouts, Meal Guide (vegetarian/vegan option too), Recipes, Cooking demonstrations, IQ Bites & Pep Talks (education based around mindset, fitness and food), Accountability, check-ins, support, educational content plus so much more.


The ’Strength and Fitness’ peeps will get their specialised workouts, and daily challenges also.


1. The Success Plan


2. 8 Week Training Program

- Strength Program

- Cardio Programs (High Intensity & Low Intensity)

- FBFM At Home Access

- Live & On-Demand 30minute workouts

- Recovery Tips

- Stretch Routine

- 4 Minute BAM Workouts


3. 8 Week Nutrition Program

- Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack, Dessert Recipes

- Fast Food Options

- Non-Powdered Protein Shake Recipes

- Vegetarian/Vegan Options


4. Private Closed Facebook Group

- Exclusively available to Challenge Members Only - chat, share, encourage

- Tutorial Videos

- Motivational Segments

- Questions Forum

- Community Support


5. Bonus Content

- IQ Bites & Pep Talks (Daily/Weekly educational videos on food, fitness and mindset)

- Takeaway options

- Book Recommendations

- Recipes

- Weekly Direction (email)



As there are complex lifting involved in this side of the challenge you will need to be doing PT to enter this division. If you are a member already and are only doing the classes, you would just have your membership adjusted to the right price, select you PT time slot and away you go. If you are a not a current member at FBFM, you select the ‘Non Member Strength‘ option and then you are given a PT session each week for the next 8 weeks. It’s super simple, you just have to be willing to commit and step up to the challenge.





- $1000 cash!

- 3 Months x 1on1 Personal Training $600

- 3 x Private Coaching Calls $300

- 1 x FBFM Tee $30

- 1 x Entry into the next FBFM 8 Week Challenge



- 1 x Private Coaching Call

- 1 x FBFM Tee



- 1 x FBFM Tee




The winners of FBFM’s 8 week Transformation will be judged by the most visually impacting Transformation with the transformation being of their body composition, whether that be losing body fat, increased muscle or increased muscle tone.

They must also be an active member within the closed FB group, supporting other members on their 8 week challenge and setting the example of a true FBFM legend! (This can be as simple as liking a post).

The winners of FBFM’s 8 week ‘Strength and Fitness’ will be judged on accumulating the most points throughout the challenge. Points are awarded for consistency, speed of completion of workout, reps completed, and a series of other factors.



For current FBFM Members it's only $60 to enter ($50 early bird special)

For non members $169 ($159 early bird special) for the weightloss component (online only)

or $269 to add in face to face classes or if you are keen to take on the fitness & strength category! 

For non members $269 for the Strength/Fitness Category or to simply add in an unlimited access to classes in person on top of the online membership




I signed up to the 8 Week Challenge because my head was in a bit of a mess. I was in a rut. Life (work, kids, the 'day in day out' of existence) was getting on top of me and my mental health was struggling because of it. It was April and scrolling through social media while sitting on the couch drinking a beer, as that was my crutch. I wasn't drinking much, but it was enough. But a post about the 8 Week Challenge popped up. I said to my partner that I should sign up as a way to improve my mental health. She was on board. All I needed was that little bit of support, so I signed up. 

I was nervous to start with, fear of the unknown and all that. But once I joined the Facebook group, I could tell that I was with a supportive crew. A few of the other people had done the Challenge previously and the thing that they all said was 'trust in the process'. So that's what I did. 

I jumped into the Challenge head first. I had meals prepared and snacks set aside. After a while, I found the whole process enjoyable. I would often think, 'what you put in is what you get out'. So I would do that extra work-out or skip that extra coffee and go for a walk instead. It really made me step out of my comfort zone. 

Now that I have finished the Challenge, the next step comes… Using what the Challenge taught me to move beyond the rut. Using the improvement in my physical health to also improve my mental health. Thank you everyone.


I started my first challenge a ball of nerves, anxious and honestly a little daunted by the idea of sticking to something for 8 weeks. I needed change in my life and needed some help getting on track.

All my fears faded away really quickly after starting. The incredible knowledge and support of the trainers and fellow participants was second to none and quickly alleviated any concerns I had. Also the meals and recipes they provide are and super easy to cook!

I have two little girls who thrive on routine so I slotted my workouts into our day, and it became their routine too! They love being involved and it was such a proud mum moment watching them do exercises “just like mummy!”

It’s so much more than a food diary or an exercise plan that you see others offering. I recommend ANYBODY looking for change in their life to simply give FBFM a call. I promise after a single discussion with them you’ll know why everybody adores this place. It’s life changing!