We do all things a little differently here at FBFM. The first being we train joints first, muscles second. Why? Because it is our duty to get you healthy, fit and strong and keep you that way for the rest of your life. Burnt out/sore/stiff joints don't have to be a thing as we age and we avoid this by training your joints in the best anatomical position. 

Our priority is to get you healthy, fit and strong in the safest, best, most efficient and fun way possible.

All training sessions are 30minutes meaning less time in the gym and more time for you doing the things you love.

All classes & sessions cater to all fitness levels, injuries, challenges, etc - let us help get you moving.

Your time is NOW!

The big C kicked FBFM into creation. Matty was diagnosed with Cancer at the age of 24, but it came as a blessing and a kick up the arse (a forced step in the right direction), to chase the dream he'd always had. He went from teaching (just a job) to full-time in profession he was passionate about - helping the ordinary live phenomenal lives through health and fitness.

Fit Body Fit Mind was born in 2013 with a mission to create a disease free world, one person at a time, through simple health and fitness. 

We built FBFM to be the opposite of most gyms. We wanted a fun and happy place for people to come and feel safe & at home. A clean, judgement-free zone, with no mirrors, a place to come and invest in YOU!

Home is where family meet and that's the culture we proudly have here.

We have 2 important rules here at FBFM.

Rule 1. Leave your shit at the door. If you've had a bad day, leave it at the door so you can come and invest 30mins in you. We want a happy place for people to come so we are here for you when you need us, but let's get sweaty first so we can attack the challenges of life with a clear head and some happy endorphins pumping through your body.

Rule 2. No judegement. We don't care if you're 20kg, 200kg or anywhere in between. We don't care how fast or fit you are just that you are here!




Meet our incredible team; Georgia, Sheridan, Matt, Hayley & Tania.

Our team are hand-picked from the best of the best. 

Each individual carries and lives out the heart and spirit of FBFM at home and at play (it's not work for us). They are congruent in all areas of life, they're passionate, they're driven by excellence and they're dedicated gems (like a precious stone because they're rare) and each of them will care for you like you're family and support you to your best self.

We are also not afraid to let our wild individual personalities shine through, so you'll be guaranteed a good  laugh. We love to have FUN!



Matt won't correct you if you call him El Capitano, but he is our top dog and without him, FBFM never would have been birthed.

He's our go-to man and head trainer.

Specialising in terrible dad jokes, drinking coffee and the FIT MIND; he's your man to get you to your goals no matter your challenge. 

Injury, excuses, motivation, he can bust through it all and he always has the answer, he's super wise like that.

He's our specialist in injury rehab.

Matt is a heavy lifter, cyclist and rower now that he has hung up the rugby boots (league). He's a Kiwi but don't hold that against him, he's been here long enough to lose most of the accent. 

He's got some pretty impressive sporting accomplishments to add to his trophy cabinet including a National (NZ) record on the track, Ironman, Triathlon winner, however you won't find any basketball achievements LOL.

matt Deane.jpg

Sheridan is the OG Energiser Bunny and also our Boss Lady (she's even got the coffee cup to back it up). Sheridan's our get it done girl behind the scenes, she's the one you'll get to chat to first, the smiley face you'll be greeted with.

Sheridan specialises in training kick arse women that are looking for that extra edge in life and runs most of our classes. She's also the baby whisperer that looks after the kidlets during RESHAPE.

Sheridan may be tiny but she's fast, fit and strong. She's got some gold medals around her neck for distance running and triathlons and loves to hit the netball court whenever she can but her biggest love is her Deane family complete with the El Capitano pictured above and 2 furbabies Kenzo (Choc Lab) and Loui (Beagle X Pointer).

Sheridan Deane.jpg

We call her T-Pop because sometimes a cool name is necessary. She's our Superstar trainer that is all for the Mums & Families. Couples training together, young girls learning self confidence and inner strength or mumma's that are ready to start looking after themselves, that's what Tania is passionate about.

You'll hear Tania's daggy old school tunes and get huffy puffy with her at Monday & Wednesday morning's RESHAPE class. Her guns should be on your vision board and what she lacks in dance moves she makes up for in how invested she is in every single client.

Her idea of a perfect date is her PT session with her husband, Dean on a Friday morning followed by lunch together. With 3 awesome kids, Tania is the first to know how important it is to look after yourself so that you can look after those that matter most to you.

Tania Popplestone.jpg

Ash is the most joyful soul on the planet but that doesn't mean her jokes are any good, they'll actually make you cry. She's a coffee addict & proud of it but she's also addicted to helping humans experience life BETTER!


She's the type of PT who is 100% present 100% of the time. She is dedicated to making training FUN & has a super power of knowing when you need the extra push.

If she's not in the studio, she is recruiting people to join her at the next triathlon/duathlon series or encouraging you to tick off a "maybe someday goal" that you never thought was possible. Ash makes the big and scary seem totally doable - she brings out the best in everyone she meets.


She spends her weekends sifting through Victoria's vegan cafes and her best friends are Loui & Kenzo (may we add they are dogs... & they're not her dogs #weirdo LOL).




Noah is the young pup of the team but what he lacks in laps around the sun, he makes up for in terrible dance moves & extra strong muscles.

He's the go to boxing king & will get you throwing down & punching hard!

He's a great example of blending strength & fitness but not being too serious about it that you can't enjoy the pleasures of life.

He's known to rock a dirty mo which he claims gives him wisdom which is why his classes are fun & witty.

He's a triathlete, dominates on the cycling leg & can run super fast. His life goal is to be as fast as Sheridan.