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A few years ago Sheridan and I did a Network Marketing Travel business on the side while we were growing FBFM. It allowed us to travel the world in style (Champagne lifestyle) but on a Beer budget!! It was the best little side hustle. It allowed us to to not only make some money on the side but also learn so much about ourselves. You see in a lot of peoples eyes a multi level business is a bad thing however, it is anything but. We found that out along our own journey. You see what those businesses do for you is they expose your insecurities before they promote you. You quickly learn whether you can do a presentation to a group of people, ask for the sale, organise an opportunity party, refer people to the opportunity and how important it is to keep up-skilling in those areas that you are not necessarily the best in. Having those hard conversations with yourself about what you aren't so good at and learning to be vulnerable is priceless in value. Although the business side was great for us it was the Professional development side that the company had to offer that was beyond all the money/travel and people we were meeting along the way. We are massive believers that things happen for you not against you just as people come into your life for a season or a reason. And our little travel company was just that. One of the philosophies that we learnt about was Pay Attention, Get Excited and Never Quit!! You see although we are all on our own fitness journey this philosophy applies totally to us all.  PAY ATTENTION:  Paying attention during this challenge has been the focus for everyone. Not telling people what they can and cant eat but exactly the opposite. All we have done is educate you on PAYING ATTENTION to what it is you are doing/eating. Understanding that there isn't good and bad foods, it's more about understanding the value of foods and how they work in your body. Whether you accurately count your calories or not your body will always keep an accurate account of your numbers for you. So taking that weekly photo to check in with yourself, doing up that top button on those jeans that you haven't been able to get done up, weighing in as the lightest you have been, dropping two dress sizes, reducing belt notches, becoming faster, higher energy, being able to reduce anti depression medication, having tools to deal with anxiety/depression through exercise!! It all comes from PAYING  ATTENTION to what you are doing. The next step of paying attention is how your body is reacting to the foods you are eating. With the greater awareness of your body and food now, you'll be able to successfully pin point the foods that may not necessarily work for you. Broccoli may be a "super food" but if your gut doesn't like it, it's definitely not a super food for you. Pay attention to your energy levels and mood after you eat. What foods promote energy and good vibes in you? What foods bloat you? What foods make you depressed? GET EXCITED:  When you're excited your energy is higher!! Taking those small achievements and not looking for the negative but actually pumping yourself up about what you have done and really getting excited about it!! You see where focus goes energy flows!! If you look for what is 'not happening' and you will find it. However, you will notice that it works the other way too. So the importance of getting excited with those small wins is so important. It's like a small bit of fuel to the fire. Because we know that when that fuel hits the fire it takes off!!! And helps you to keep going!! Like checking your current week photos against your week one photos and truly celebrating that success. What comes from that excitement is positive energy!!! And when you are happy you attract happy people into your life. And in a time when the masks have to be on and the restrictions are in place it is very easy to find whats wrong with the world right now. So share your achievements with FBFM!!! It's a wonderful, POSITIVE platform that has ZERO judgement and nothing but praise!! Your achievements may just be what excites someone to keep pushing on to SMASH out their goals!!! GET EXCITED!!! NEVER QUIT: This would have to be the money maker right here!! When we did our travel business we had people join and then they quit because it got too hard. Like i said a little earlier the network marking business exposes you before it promotes you. It finds all those things that you aren't necessarily the best at and encourages you to do them anyway. Which in turn makes you uncomfortable and we start searching for excuses as to why we can't do it anymore. Be it money, time, family, work, covid, at home schooling, stage 4 restrictions, i just cant do online stuff etc.... The reality is you can't fail if you never quit. It's absolutely not possible to do so. Stopping something is the only way to fail at something. It's pretty crazy really to think that

"the moment you stop something because of a reason other than why you started is the moment you fail".

So in this 8 week challenge we will all face uncertainty, challenges, curve balls etc... but it's what we do when we receive those things that truly matters. Not trying to justify that it is ok because the government has enforced restrictions on us. It's about taking the challenge on the chin and walking it off and really stopping ourselves from letting those outside influences dictate what we want to achieve in life.

You are the master of your own fate!!!

Not a Premiere, partner, child, work, or even money. There is always a reason to keep going. You just need to go back to that exact reason WHY you began.


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