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You haven't failed unless you give up, and we know that you're a badass that will fight and fight and fight, no matter how many times you get knocked down (figure of speech).


Our friend "The Average Man" AKA Dean Popplestone throws this term around and i love the power that accompanies it "Little goals, big wins" The idea of setting little goals, when compounded add up to BIG WINS! So that is your focus for this week...

What is 1 thing you could do this week to improve on last week?

Maybe it is to hit your water intake each day or hitting your calories no matter what and without guilt (TRUST THE PROCESS). Whatever the "little goal" is for you, back yourself and make it happen. Every time you come good on a promise or commitment to yourself is like building a muscle of self respect and trust.  building the muscle of t

rusting yourself and self respect will help you to succeed in whatever you put your mind and body to. Just like the way you trust your closest friend or significant other, trusting them gives you the confidence that things will get done! Here's the rule: every time you succeed at your "little goal" you must CELEBRATE!!! And none of this half arsed celebration... I'm talking high fives, jumping, dancing, woohoo'ing, go big!! The more you celebrate the more you reinforce to yourself that you're on to a winner. The human brain wants pleasure and wants progress and success, by celebrating is like giving a dog a treat for sitting, it reinforces the good behaviour and encourages more of it!


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