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TGO stands for The Great Outdoors!!! This one is Rain, Hail Or Shine!!! 

We come for the run and stay for the coffee!

Every Saturday at 8am, we head off on a run/walk in a beautiful location around the peninsula, anywhere from Cape Schanck to Moordialloc, As long as it's pretty and there is good coffee near by!

You don't have to run, we always have walkers and the trainer is at the back of the pack so no one is left behind! For the runners, you'll do approximately 5km (give or take for speed).

Once we've ticked off the km's then it's time for the important stuff, coffee! We find a local gem to have some delicious coffee and maybe a bite to eat. This is the best way to kick off the weekend with full bellies, lot's of laughs and burnt calories!

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