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RESHAPE is our class that offers FREE CHILD MINDING! But it's not limited to just mums or dads - anyone can come and participate with or without kids!

We love family at FBFM and think that kids should be the reason you exercise not your excuse not to. Unlike other gyms, we don't want you to pay extra to have your little person or little people looked after so you can get some very important 'YOU' time.

RESHAPE is a BOOTCAMP style class just with a different name so you know which ones have child minding available. Kids are welcome to all other classes, but they're under your care. RESHAPE is the class where we have a trainer dedicated to looking after the little ones in our kids play room.

Pregnant, Postpartum, injured or have challenges to navigate? Let us take care of you - we can tailor all classes to work for you so that you can continue to exercise!

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